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Sponsored Athletes

Maree- Go Run Girls

Hi everyone my name is Coach Maree and I am super excited to come onboard and join the family at BUFF NZ. Buff is a product that I don’t often leave home without and is a staple in my running kit. So when I was asked to be an Ambassador I jumped at the chance endorse products I have used and believe in. You may have seen my page Go Run Girls which I started when I was training for my first Ultra Marathon in 2017. It is a platform for me and other women to share experiences, knowledge, motivation, inspiring interviews but most of all support women in running. My belief is that everyone can benefit physically and mentally from running no matter what level you are at. Just start where you are, begin with intervals and plan small achievable goals.

Zeb Stone

Zebedee (aka Batman, Pacer-man or simply Zeb) is a mad keen runner who you have likely seen out on the streets of Auckland or his ‘hometown’ of Waiheke. Zeb has run everything from track to tarmac to trail and a whole lot in between. In 2014 he ran the Auckland Marathon as Batman, yes complete with the sweltering mask and (maybe more impressively) undies on the outside, in under 3 hours. Inspired by the boost it gave other runners he’s been pacing the 3 hour mark at the Auckland Marathon ever since – if you’re aiming for that major marathon milestone Zeb’s your man! He’s done a trail marathons and ultras too including The Kepler Challenge and Oxfam Trailwalker (5 times!!!). When he’s not running, he’s probably out doing any number of other active pursuits – skiing, cycling, kayaking, windsurfing, playing tennis – and exactly why we think Zeb personifies Buff’s tagline #livemorenow and why we are proud to have him as part of the Buff NZ whanau.