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Buff P Fire Fighter Balaclava Paris Blue

Firefighter Balaclava Solid Paris Blue - BUFF® Professional Collection: · product specially recommended for structural firefighters. · It offers high level of protection in environments with thermal risk, such a flashover, contact heat and radiant heat. · Lightweight and breathable. · Composed by 2 layers fabric of a blend between Aramid Fibres from Du-PontTM and Viscose FR® for a superior protection and comfort. Certifications: CE - CAT III EN ISO 13688/13, EN 13911/17, EN 1149-5/08, NFPA 1971
Fire protection: BUFF® Professional products have obtained the EC-Type Examination Certificate in accordance with the content of (UE) Regulation 2016/425 and in accordance with the trial procedures applicable according to EN ISO 11612:15.
Antistatic properties: professional use product built and designed to reduce the effects of static electricity.
NOMEX® meta-aramid fibre manufactured by DuPont. Flame-resistant properties, great resistance against high temperatures and resistance against melting, dripping or combustion.



Buff P Fire Fighter Balaclava Paris Blue