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Buff P Firefighter Particulate Hood Desert Tan

· Structural firefighters.
· High-level protection from thermal risk such as flashover, contact
and radiant heat.
· It acts as a barrier for carcinogenic and harmful particles.
· Superior protection and comfort thanks to 2 layers of lightweight,
breathable fabric blending DuPontTM Aramid Fibres, Viscose FR®, Polyamide and Elastane plus an intermediate layer of DuPontTM Nomex® Nano Flex * non woven fabric.
· With HeiQ Smart Temp cooling technology for a better comfort and reduction of heat exhaustion, fatigue and heat stroke risks.
* Located in those head areas with more exposure to contact with particles.
· Inner Layer/Outer Layer: 56% M-Aramid Nomex®, 31% Viscose Fr, 6% Polyamide, 3% P-Aramid Kevlar®, 2% Carbon Fiber P-140, 2%, Elastane.
· Middle Layer: 100% DuPontTM Nomex Nanoflex®
Fire protection: BUFF® Professional products have obtained the EC-Type Examination Certificate in accordance with the content of (UE) Regulation 2016/425 and in accordance with the trial procedures applicable according to EN ISO 11612:15.
Antistatic properties: professional use product built and designed to reduce the effects of static electricity.
NOMEX® meta-aramid fibre manufactured by DuPont. Flame-resistant properties, great resistance against high temperatures and resistance against melting, dripping or combustion.



Buff P Firefighter Particulate Hood Desert Tan