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Junior Balaclava Buff

Designed with snowboarders, freestyle skiers, and motorcyclists in mind the Balaclava BUFF The new improved Balaclava BUFF has a laser cut mouth port which helps to reduce perspiration, avoiding humidity for breathing and reduce goggle fog.

Available in Kids sizes

Lightweight Merino Balaclava

Lightweight Merino Wool Balaclava for man and woman. Made of 100% natural Merino Wool, this is a light and versatile balaclava. Lightweight Merino wool products are used to create extra protection layers for cold weather and are also fit for winter sports. Extremely soft feeling.Comfortable and soft Merino wool balaclava. Ideal for wearing under a helmet, it provides an ideal base layer protection against the cold during activities like bouldering, climbing and hiking

·    Eco-friendly accessory: 100% Merino wool

·    Tight, comfortable and stretchy: Wear it under a helmet!

·    Pleasant to wear: light, soft, no itching!

·      Composition:

·      100% Merino Wool

·      Do not machine wash

Polar Balaclava

Highly stretchable and comfortable balaclava to wear under a helmet. Highly stretchable and comfortable to wear under a helmet, it includes a wide opening with space for eyes, nose and mouth.

·    Full protection balaclava for head and neck

·    Tight, comfortable and stretchy: Wear it under a helmet!

·    Warm, comfortable and seamless.

·      Composition:

·      100% Polyester

·      Machine Wash



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